eBike Rentals

Our eBikes (pedal assist electric bicycles) are foldable so you have the option of transporting our bikes to the ride of your choice if you have an acceptable (large enough) vehicle and are able to remain within the time restriction of the rental. Our bikes may be picked up by reservation at our base location. They can also be delivered and picked up at another agreed upon locations including Bed & Breakfast locations, certain ride locations and at the Famous Tunnel Hill Trail in Vienna, IL.

What’s an eBike?

Just picture a regular bicycle, then add several electrical components to it like a motor, a battery, and a controller – all seamlessly integrated into the design. Electric bikes pedal and handle just like a regular bicycle. By and large, an electric bike will use the same parts too. The electric component is meant to augment human power, not completely replace it. It makes obstacles like hills and headwind more manageable and allows you to travel further without getting as tired.



Don't let the "mini" in its name fool you. The RadMini can easily fold up for easy transport, but this eBike packs quite the punch when you're ready for action and adventure.

43" x 22" x 28"

RAD MINI Step-thru

The RadMini Step-Thru features our lowest standover height, add to that the adjustable handlebar stem and you've got a remarkably accessible fat tire eBike.

42" x 24" x 29"


Half Day Rentals:

Our Half Day Rentals include: eBike, 1 Battery, Helmet, Water Bottle, Instruction

$60 Per Half Day Rentals (4 Hours)

2 Hour Rentals:

Our Hourly Rentals include: eBike, 1 Battery, Helmet, Water Bottle, Instruction.


Full Day Rentals:

Our Full Day Rentals include: eBike, 2 Batteries, Helmet, Water Bottle, Instruction

$90 Per Full Day Rental (8 Hours)

MULTI-Day Rentals:

2 - 3 DAYS $80 Per Bike, Per Day

4 + DAYS $75 Per Bike, Per Day

Multi-Day Rentals include: eBike, 2 Batteries, Helmet, Water Bottle, Instruction

You Can Take The Bikes to Your Vacation Location


$25.00 Add-A-Rider WeeRide Co-Pilot Bike Trailer

$25.00 Double Seat Tow Behind Trailer, Up To 80 lbs. of Dogs. Also Kid Friendly.

$ 5.00 Bluetooth JBL Clip Speaker. Ride Tunes are the Best!!!


Looking for a great gift Idea? We offer Gift Certificates. Not your same old gift card. A fun gift eBike rides. We can create any ride gift per your need. Contact us at 618-967-4918 (voice or text) & shawneehillsebike@gmail.com We will work with you to create the perfect gift certificate.


Shawnee Hills eBike Rentals is a RAD POWER BIKE Test site. We offer a 1 Hour Test Ride for $30 from our home base in Jonesboro, IL. Other test ride options can be arranged. Prices vary. The good news is if you purchase a RAD POWER BIKE after a test ride we give you a code that gives you a $50 Discount on one bike and a $200 discount on two bikes. Test rides are a cost effective way to try before you buy. You buy you win. You don’t buy you still had a blast. call or text today to arrange your test ride. 618-967-4918 or email shawneehillsebike@gmail.com